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No One to Blame - MP3

Oh we're diggin' diggin deeper we've got nothin' to say
we just wanna get it on with all the concrete we lay
and we're runnin' out  of oil and we're runnin' out of time
yeah our faith is wearing thinner as we roll down the line

an' you wanna move your family cause the blacks are movin' in
an the city that you left is chasin' you out again
you go further out and further out enlarge the urban sprawl
cause you gotta know your kids are safe when they're at the mall

and there's no one to blame
and there's no one to blame

the future's looking bleaker so you buy a bigger car
and your burnin' so much gas 'cause you're drivin' to Mars
but you fool yourself to thinkin' you can run away from fear
but the truth is you're a sap - there's a monkey in your ear

yeah the truth's a bitter pill I'm not trying to be unkind
but the fact of the matter is you better change your mind
'cause the people that you turned your back on when you ran away
will be nippin' at your heals and demanding that you pay

and there's no one to blame
and there's no one to blame

look again my friend you see the path has split ahead
for the quick and the dangerous the hungry and the dead
before you slice another cut of life an' takin' off the load
They know you're waitin' on the sidelines for the city to implode
with the guns and the barriers and walls are coming down
and flames of our ignorance is coming to your town
when the walls of Jericho come down from bursting at the seams
and the crackling guns and breaking  glass will never leave your dreams

and there's no one to blame
and there's no one to blame

Stephen Goodfellow 2005


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