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This compilation of these songs are the sum of my life, my feelings, hopes and fears. The songs range pretty broadly from silly humor to darker "Resignation songs" - as opposed to the more well-known protest songs. Not much point in protesting now, we all know the good guys lost. Nonetheless, I think you will find the twenty bucks you spend on this CD is better than money for old rope, and there's a good chance you may listen to it more than once. I'd like to thank The Layabouts for existing and continuing to inspire me, particularly Ralph Franklin, Alan Franklin and Mel Rosas. These songs represent a span of some thirty-plus years, in that some of the compositions were in part created that long ago. For example, lyrics for "Through the Waters" are hot off the press, but the music was written back in 1974. I also want to pay tribute to all those bands that came to be in Detroit's Cass Corridor and made a singular impression on me.

Stephen Goodfellow

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