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Cold Streets - MP3

Walkin' on a cold day on the streets of the Corridor
and the snow had not shown up yet to cover the scene
Bobby steps out of Cobb's Corner bar
squints to see who you are
"Hey, how'ya been?"

I'zasleep at the piano
burned this finger on a cigarette
I keep pickin' at it
an as you see it hasn't healed yet
I guess I'll go home an' go to bed
smoke these rhythms from my head

and he was gone

And if you gaze into the sky behold the bright white clouds above
though it leaves you none the wiser 'bout the people that you love
You will feel your eyes make water and you forget the streets you're on
you salute the ghosts of time, they fade away and they are gone

Billy took his guitar an got away from the Corridor
"Too many ghosts" he said "I'm going to New York for a while"
Red ribbon from the freezer to the bed
A melted icepack by by his head

and he was gone

Thunder did drums he taught me 'bout lasers and holograms
Had to piss in the jar to get a job on the line
Switched to booze to take of the load
stopped to take a leak on a country road

and he was gone

And when you stare upon the sidewalk crystals drifting to the ground
like the people that you love they disappear without a sound
An' your cheeks are cold and salty and you wonder what went wrong
you curse the face of time, you turn your back and they are gone

Stephen Goodfellow 2005

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